Guide to choose whirl pool tub for your home

Getting a whirlpool tub is a great investment.  With such an investment it pays to know what you are getting for the price that you are paying.

This is why choosing the right tub for your home can be quite challenging.  Look over these tips and make the selection not only simpler, but better as well.

The Jets

One of the things that you have to consider when shopping for a whirlpool tub is the type of jets you want.  You have a choice between air jets or water jets.  What’s the difference?  Basically, air jets propel pressurized water to the tub for a soother and gentler experience.

Water jets on the other hand takes the water from the tub and pumps it back in to give you a more powerful and deeper massaging action.

Aside from the type of jets, you also need to consider where they are positioned.  You have to go beyond the physical beauty and design of the tub.  Make sure that the jets are positioned in areas where you want the air or water to hit to maximize your comfort.

Features and Size

If you choose a tub with air jets, you have to know that it can lose heat pretty fast so make sure that it features an in-line water heater.  Another option that you can look at include built-in grab bars to make it easier for physically challenged people to get in and out of the tub.

Obvious at it may seem, but some people actually forget to consider the space where the tub will be installed.  This means that you may be buying a tub that is too big.  This is important if you have your eye on a tub that has an irregular shape or some system components protruding.  Having to tear down walls mean additional and unnecessary expenses.

Water Source

Does your water heating unit have the capacity to pump enough water into the tub without upsetting the supply to the other parts of your home plumbing system?  You have to understand that you need to fill the tub at least 65% of its total capacity so a medium-sized tub that has a 60-gallon capacity would need about 39 gallons of hot water.

How fast can your water heater recover?  Obviously, after sending out 39 gallons of hot water, it has to recover the same amount in less time so that other people in the house can enjoy the supply of hot water for their needs as well.


Although a professional will be handling the installation of the tub, it pays to know exactly what has to be done.  Passing this information to your plumber will give you an idea of the possible installation issues you may be facing as well as an accurate quote on the cost of installing your new tub.

You may also need to secure a permit from the city before any installation work could be done.

Generally, you would need an electrical panel, isolated Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI), and removable skirt to give you access to the controls, pump, and drain.  To make sure that the installation is properly done, choose a south bay plumbing with experience in installing whirlpool tubs.

Caring for the Tub

pool tub

Why do you need to know how to care for the tub if you haven’t bought it yet?  Remember how big an investment a tub is?  You would not want to waste that investment by not being able to properly clean and care for it.

Never use abrasive cleaners to ensure the finish would last a long time.  Use a soft nylon scrubber or sponge instead.  You will also need water and dish soap as cleaning agents.

A vinegar solution works great for water deposits and will not damage the tub finish.  Baking soda paste and water can help you get rid of stubborn stains.  Make sure that you allow the pump to run for about 7 minutes before draining and rinsing the tub.

With all of these information on hand, you can now make an educated choice on the right whirlpool tub for your home.