Cleaning Clogged Drains by Yourself

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Have you ever cleaned clogged drains?  If you are most like homeowners then you have at one time or another worked a plunger and drain snake to restore the normal flow of your drains.  Maybe you have tried to use commercial drain cleaners to get rid of the clogging.

There are many reasons why clogged drains happen and sometimes home remedies are not enough especially when the clogging happens regularly.  What other important things do you need to know when cleaning clogged drains by yourself?

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Cleaning the Drain

Despite the popularity of liquid drain cleaners, nothing compares to the effectiveness of manually cleaning the drain.  To do this you would need to use a plumbing snake and slowly feed it down the drain pipe until you reach the blockage.

This is done regardless of the type of drain you work on including sinks and traps.  The important thing to remember is to make sure that you build up enough pressure to dislodge the blockage by covering the overflow valve.

Another popular way to clean drains is to use a power auger.  This is another way to effectively cut through the blockage especially when dealing with tree roots.

However, a word of caution though, using this type of machine requires some plumbing skills to ensure that you do not damage your pipes; after all you do not want to make the problem worse.

And of course, nothing beats calling for professional help when dealing with plumbing problems like cleaning clogged drains.  Although it might be a bit costly, at least you can be sure that you are getting the right solution for the problem you are facing and you minimize the risk of potential damage to your property.

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Maintaining Clean Drains

You may or may not have heard this before, but using chemical-based cleaners can be dangerous to your home plumbing system.  This is because the chemical can damage the inside lining of the plumbing pipes leading to more potentially dangerous problems.

Even more dangerous is the mixing of different chemical-based drain cleaners because the compounds can create a violent reaction within your septic system.  So what do you do about maintaining clean drains?

A popular solution for many homes is to use baking soda with boiling water.  Sometimes the baking soda is paired with white vinegar.  This solution works most of the time and is considerably less toxic compared to chemical-based cleaners.  The great news is that this concoction has proven to be effective against fat and grease that tend to clog kitchen drains.

As far as drain maintenance goes, one of the most recommended solutions is the use of enzyme culture to keep drains clear.  This is used once a month and can even reduce foul odor coming from garbage disposal units.

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Professional Drain Cleaning

Why do homeowners think twice when calling for professional plumbing help?  Most of the time the reason is the concern over high price of professional drain cleaning.  That is why it pays to know the average cost of plumbing fees.  Usually, a professional plumber would charge around $250 to clean drains.

Does this sound too much for you?  Well, consider this scenario, you clean your clogged drains by yourself and when you come home you find the entire place flooded only to find out that the blockage is caused by a broken pipe.  Would you rather face that consequence?

You also need to consider that if you are dealing with an ordinary clogged drain, using a plumbing snake would already solve your problem, but, if there is anything making the problem worse, then even paying up to $500 would be worth it; especially if the problem has something to do with your sewer.

Now all of these prices are dependent of course on the extent of work that has to be done by the professional plumber, the condition of your drain, and the area where you live.  The most important thing to remember with clogged drains is that when it happens too often, call a licensed professional plumber immediately.

Call to get the best plumbing solution for your clogged drain problems, you will no disappointed!