3 Types of Batting Tees to Improve Your Game

batting tees

Every baseball coach and player knows the importance of using a batting tee.  This practice tool is one of the best ways to help players develop the proper batting fundamentals that will make them successful hitters during game time.

The Use

Basically, a batting tee is setup to allow players to practice on their swing so that they can perfect it.  The great thing about this tool is that it can allow the player to practice by himself over and over.  You may consider batting tees as a type of batting simulator that allows players to swing at the baseball at different positions and heights, much like swinging at a real pitch.

Despite its simple design, even professional players agree that it is one of the more important tools to help the hitting game of any player at any level.  This is why it is important to choose the right batting tee to use.

Angled Batting Tees

Most of the batting tees you might have seen makes use of a vertical pole.  This piece of equipment however relies on two parallel bars with the tee positioned on either one.  The bars can be adjusted so that the angle can vary depending on how you want to train hitting.

This gives players a great way of approaching pitches based on the position that the ball can be in relation to the strike zone.  It does not matter if you are a right-handed or left-handed hitter, this batting tee can work for you.  Amateurs and professionals can also get a good practice with it by changing the angle continuously.

Advanced Batting Tees

Are you an advanced baseball player looking to perfect your hitting skills?  If yes, then this is the type of batting tee that you need.  These batting tees makes use of a forward arm that is positioned in front of home plate.  The great thing with these advanced batting tees is that comes with an outside barrier that is designed to ensure that the batter does not hit the ball using a swing that is too long.

This type of batting tee helps to keep your swing straight to allow for the generation of more power and better direction as the bat meets the ball.  There are other options to help you improve and perfect your swing depending on how you configure it or practice with it.  These are designed to be extremely durable so that it allows more advanced baseball players to confidently hit with the most power that they can generate with every swing.

Batting Tees for Experts

Yes, even experts need to practice too!  Some of the best batting tees available in the market are known for the strength and flexibility so that they can meet the demands of more experienced hitters.  This means that designs can vary allowing for adjustments of ball height.  The pole can also be adjusted to create different hitting angles that the batter can practice with.

Expert players can now practice swinging at the ball as if it were pitched from different angles.  Despite its stability, there is an option to use a weight cushion to compensate for the hitting power of expert batters.

Simply choose the right one for your hitting level and focus on proper body mechanics and you will see significant improvements in your hitting game.

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